Since it was established, the company has been characterised by an open-minded approach to business driving its research efforts and growth and leading to the creation of highly innovative products.

Gaffe is the go-to partner for some of the most important Italian and international “luxury brands”, who rely on its design advice and high-quality materials. The company owns the following brands: Franco Dessì, created in 2001 in order to represent the designer’s collection and bring together the expertise and positive contaminations acquired up until that point, and Next tee, a new brand created for the commercial launch of a new luxury collection of golf bags.

About us

Gabriella Fava loves to focus on research, take inspiration from her surroundings and turn them into marketable ideas. Franco Dessì started as an illustrator and comic book designer. He has a creative mind and is always up for a new challenge. He is a creator, an innovator, and makes the most of these innate qualities to turn his ideas into cutting-edge, successful products.


The meeting of these two strong personalities in the mid-eighties led to the creation of a unique product, characterised by a strong focus on innovative design, high visual impact and the use of unconventional materials.


This company was born out of Gabriella Fava’s creative curiosity and strong appeal and Franco Dessì’s design and manual skills. The ensuing creative whirlwind immediately led to a great market response.

Their enthusiasm and taste for the new and unusual pushed them to accept the biggest challenge: self-production of their ideas. This also allowed them to bypass the workshops’ initial reluctance to produce their creations, which were seen as too unconventional and de-structured.

The creative pair acquired new skills: Franco learnt to cut, sew, assemble and handle the materials traditionally found in a leather shop, matching them with entirely different materials such as clear PVC, wood, and iron. This led to the creation of the first few bags and backpacks, characterised by unconventional and attractive design elements: dogs, cats, conical shapes in fluorescent and optical colours. Demand for these products soon started to grow, and the first, highly innovative shop in Via Imbriani was joined in 1995 by a full-fledged production workshop.


The company’s products are extremely sophisticated and not destined to large-scale distribution, but to the most important fashion and luxury retailers in the United States, in Asia, especially in Japan, and recently in Russia.