The company uses high-quality leather and relies on highly-specialised and skilful technicians who possess a vast knowledge of materials and leather working techniques. Every manufacturing process is guided by the traditional rules of artisanal creativity.

Stylistic contamination and a keenness to experiment are the signature elements of this company, often drawn to observe materials and artisanal processes from other sectors: basket weavers from Tuscany, expert shirt makers, carpenters and metalworkers who add new manufacturing techniques to the company’s consolidated expertise. The intrinsic nature of the leather is preserved in each piece. Perhaps, this is the very “leit-motiv” underpinning all collections – even more so than their style: the unadulterated, natural charm of “live” materials. Every object, even those made with the most sophisticated types of leather – such as tumbled calfskin, crocodile, deerskin, lizard, python, as well as the finest Italian nappa leather – maintains an extremely natural appearance.